( Instructions for 20 & 25" Shaft Motors )


First and foremost the boat transom must be properly prepared prior to installing the outboard motor bracket. It is strongly recommended that a professional fiberglass boat repair facility be contacted to close the outdrive cutout and / or repair or replace any rotten wood found in the transom. Additionally, if the strength of the transom is in any way questionable, an additional three-quarter inch sheet of properly fiberglassed - in plywood should be installed across the inside of the transom. Other reinforcements may be required or recommended by your fiberglass boat repair facility, especially if twin V- 6 outboards are to be installed. The boat owner / operator is responsible for ensuring that the boat is properly repaired and prepared prior to installing the outboard motor bracket.



Measure and mark centerline of both boat transom and bracket

when installing these marks must line up !

Measure from the centerline of the keel using a framing square(see Fig. 1) and mark the transom at 24" for 25"shaft motor or 19" for 20" shaft motor. Install the bracket so that the top forward edge of the bracket is 24" for 25"shaft motor or 19" for 20" shaft motor above the keel, centered with the keel and level on the boat transom. The top of the motor mount should measure 28½" (see Fig. 2) above the keel. When the motor is installed, the anti-ventilation plate should measure 3½ "above the center of the keel. After water testing, the motor may be raised using the installation bolt holes on the motor mounting plate if a higher installation offers better handling or performance.

The above motor height measurements are a recommended beginning point. Individual boat hulls have different performance characteristics and some may perform better with the motor raised an additional two or three inches. Achieving optimum performance is usually obtained by trial and adjustment.

The following illustration shows a typical way to measure for bracket installation. (A 25"shaft motor is assumed)24.bmp (283318 bytes)

28½.bmp (283318 bytes)


It is recommended that ½ inch stainless steel bolts be used when installing the bracket. The Rockwell Outboard Motor Bracket is not predrilled (unless requested), the owner / installer must determine where to drill the bracket and boat transom. All holes drilled through the boat transom and the bracket to boat seam must be sealed using a below the water line marine sealant (i.e. 3M 5200). Additionally, it is recommended that aluminum plate or channel be used on the inside of the transom to ensure the strength of the installation. D&D offers an installation kit containing either 4" x 4" x ¼" aluminum plate or 4" channel (as specified) and necessary hardware.




It is recommended that the bracket be properly sanded, primed and painted prior to installation and that a non-skid preparation be applied to swim platform surfaces. The owner/ installer assumes responsibility for surface preparation including any safety issues concerning the bracket surface.


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