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Comments from D&D Marine

No matter what you call them, Transom Brackets, Outboard Brackets, Gil brackets, Motor Brackets, they have given the used boat market and owners an option the never had before. Brackets that are lightweight, strong, durable and attractive.

The older boats such as Formula, Searay, Seacraft, Stamas, Sportscraft, Mako and Seabird (just to name a few) were made with more fiberglass and were a lot sturdier than the boats made today. But at the time these boats were made, they had no choice but to put in an I/O or outboard engines on the transom. Now there is a better way to make these older boats live again at a cost that far less costly than buying a new boat.

Though outboard brackets have been around for a while, their popularity and design has improved over the years. Manufacturer of some new boats are installing them because of the efficiency and conveniences that they bring to the boat. Some major boat manufacturers have even incorporated the bracket in the mold process. This should tell you that there are good reasons for having a motor on a bracket.

Transom brackets that are installed properly will improve the boats efficiency and performance by reducing drag,because the anti-cavation plate on the motor is above the bottom of the boat. Well designed brackets will give you a better hole shot and get the boat on a plane with out the bow rising so high. Will protect the lower gear housing by moving it up and out of harms way. Will increase GPM to MPH ratio.

As for the conveniences, with an I/O conversion, by placing the outboard on a bracket you free up room inside the boat for fishing, ice chest storage or lounging, no more worries about bilge fumes igniting or oil in the bilge that will be pumped over when your bilge pump kicks in. No more exhaust manifolds, water pumps, belts, or oil pans to replace every 3 or so years (Salt Water). With a full transom, engine noise is reduced and backwash is reduced or eliminated on a cut down transom.

We at D&D Marine will do our best to make your conversion to a bracket a pleasurable experience.



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Don Breland ( Owner )

D&D Marine